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Vehicle Wrapping Solutions

Professional Vehicle Wrapping and Graphics

Total Tinting also offer a vehicle wrapping and graphic service. The vinyl can be applied to any vehicle in a variety of ways, shapes and forms depending on the look you are trying to achieve.

Total Tinting - Vehicle Wrapping Solutions

Vehicle wraps involve completely covering a specific area/panel in vinyl, totally transforming its appearance and in some cases texture (e.g. carbon weave vinyl). This is popular with people looking to change the colour of a specific area on their vehicle, without permanently altering the factory paintwork.

Vehicle graphics are designed to the individuals specific requirements. They are a useful advertising tool in some cases and in others, are used to achieve an individual custom appearance. Various sizes of text, patterns, logos and images can all be achieved with vinyl and then fitted to your vehicle by our expert team.

The vinyl itself is available in a huge range of colours, both matt and gloss. Chrome and carbon fibre effect vinyls are also available for that extra unique look. We work with you, your ideas and your designs to achieve the look you require.

It all starts with a Free Consultation

We provide a free consultation to all our customers allowing us to retrieve the information we need to carry out the work (i.e. measurements, restrictions, etc.).

From this information we can then devise a work-plan and calculate costs etc. This meeting is also a great opportunity for you to forward any questions you may have yourself about the work ahead.

Feel free to query costs, time-scale, method, materials, safety issues, aftercare and anything else that springs to mind. We will do our best to answer any questions and keep you informed, allowing us to work together to achieve the best results!

Our Films

  • 99.9% protective against harmful UV rays
  • Reduce heat build up (reduced strain on A/C)
  • Reduce interior fading
  • Reduces glare from sunlight
  • Strengthen glass
  • Hold glass shards together if shattered
  • Improve cosmetic appearance

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