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Our Films

We stock a wide range of different films which all have individual properties to combat individual problems. These films include:

  • Privacy Films

    Privacy films provide visual privacy in your home, your office and your vehicle whilst still allowing good light transmission if required. These films are available in various shades of charcoal, opaques/frosting and reflective/mirror finishes.

  • Safety Films

    Safety films are applied to existing glass to strengthen and reduce the risk of flying glass in the case of an accident/impact. These films are available in many strengths and are usually clear. However, if required, tinted safety films are also available.

  • Solar Films

    Solar films reduce heat build-up by up to 76%, saving energy where air conditioning units are used. They also reduce glare from the sun creating a more comfortable workplace as there is less strain on eyes. Headaches associated with glare on computer/television screens are also less of a risk. There are various gradings of solar films depending on your protection requirements.

  • UV Control Films

    UV control films are designed to reduce interior fade caused by UV rays and provide protection for people who have an aversion to UV. The UV control films are completely clear yet still provide 99.7% protection from UV rays. Tinted UV film is also available, if required.

  • Anti-Graffiti Film

    Anti-Graffiti film is designed to protect surfaces and glazing against graffiti vandalism. The film is clear and has a low-adhesive backing enabling it to be removed and replaced, should it become destroyed or damaged.

Films are also widely used for cosmetic purposes. We stock a wide range of films in different colours, shades, effects (gradual fades) and Reflective/Mirror Colours

Coloured films are available in red, green, blue, orange, pink and yellow. Double applications can be applied to achieve other colours for example; red tint + blue tint would give a purple tint.

Charcoal/Black films are available in 6 different shades. These shades are named with percentages according to light transparency. For example 5% film allows only 5% light to travel through it. The shades/percentages of this film available are:

  • 70% Factory Tint (Vehicles)
  • 50% Extra Light Smoke
  • 35% Light Smoke
  • 20% Medium Smoke
  • 15% Dark Smoke
  • 05% Limo Black

There is also a variety of gradual fade films. These films have a charcoal 20% base with a reflective/mirrored coloured fade. The colours available include red/charcoal, blue/charcoal, gold/charcoal, green/charcoal and silver/charcoal. These films can be applied in numerous ways to achieve a custom look; for example, on an angle or upside-down.

Reflective/mirror films provide a mirror like effect and are also available in various colours. These colours include red, blue, green, pink, gold, bronze and chrome/silver. These films also have a percentage grading similar to the charcoal/black films.

It all starts with a Free Consultation

We provide a free consultation to all our customers allowing us to retrieve the information we need to carry out the work (i.e. measurements, restrictions, etc.).

From this information we can then devise a work-plan and calculate costs etc. This meeting is also a great opportunity for you to forward any questions you may have yourself about the work ahead.

Feel free to query costs, time-scale, method, materials, safety issues, aftercare and anything else that springs to mind. We will do our best to answer any questions and keep you informed, allowing us to work together to achieve the best results!

Our Films

  • 99.9% protective against harmful UV rays
  • Reduce heat build up (reduced strain on A/C)
  • Reduce interior fading
  • Reduces glare from sunlight
  • Strengthen glass
  • Hold glass shards together if shattered
  • Improve cosmetic appearance

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